"Clearly 800 Degrees knows how to make an amazing pizza pie. The pizzeria opened in January 2012 to rave reviews, and pizza lovers keep coming back for more."


"Fabulous" "custom-built pizzas" with "inspired" toppings lead to "lines out the door" for these "high-concept, assembly line"–style parlors around SoCal from the Umami Burger folks; "it can be difficult to get a table" in the spare setting, but bills are "budget-friendly" and "the pies make up for it."


"This is fast-food only in the sense that it is prepared quickly. The ingredients are fresh and of the highest quality. California-grown tomatoes, locally made mozzarella and a crust handmade with an artisan Neapolitan flour."


 "800 Degrees is fun, easy and consistently delicious."